Service program targets weeds |

Service program targets weeds

Dana Strongin

— Weeds, beware. The Natural Resources Conservation Ser–vice is sponsoring a program to control noxious weeds on private landowners’ property.

Sign-up for the new program, called the Environmental Quality Incentive Program, runs from Monday to May 19.

About $47,000 in federal grant funds has been dedicated to the program, said Lori Jazwick, district conservationist for the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Private landowners will benefit because the program pays for 50 percent of costs to control specific weeds on their property; landowners will need to provide the other 50 percent.

There also is a 50 percent cash match for seeding to help re-establish vegetation.

The Natural Resources Con–servation Service reports that invasive plant species reduce productivity every year. The program will help provide control to eradicate weed species while providing more and better forage for livestock.

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To qualify for the program, landowners must meet certain requirements. They must own the land or have a long-term lease. They also must meet agricultural producer qualifications.

Only certain weeds qualify. They are meadow knapweed, orange hawkweed, purple loosestrife, absinth wormwood, black henbane, diffuse knapweed, oxeye daisy, salt cedar, Russian olive, spotted knapweed and yellow toadflax.

Weeds not included in the program are leafy spurge, houndstongue, white top and Canadian thistle.

If you are interested in the program but are not sure whether you have any of the qualifying weeds on your property or meet the program requirements, call Jazwick at 879-3225.

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What: Sign-up for the Environmental Quality Incentive Program to address invasive plant speciesWhen: Monday to May 19. The office is open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.Where: United States Department of Agriculture Service Center, 1475 Pine Grove Road, Suite 201A.Call: Lori Jazwick, district conservationist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, at 879-3225.