Serhant playing football, baseball in college |

Serhant playing football, baseball in college

Luke Graham

Lowell Whiteman 2006 graduate Jack Serhant has found a way to play two sports in college. Serhant plays football and baseball at Division III Austin College in Sherman, Texas.

Steamboat Springs — Growing up, Jack Serhant loved football and baseball. — Growing up, Jack Serhant loved football and baseball.

— Growing up, Jack Serhant loved football and baseball.

The 2006 Lowell Whiteman School graduate played both sports competitively for Steamboat Springs High School.

But when it came time to decide on a college and a sport to play, Serhant couldn’t make up his mind.

He knew he wanted to go to a Division III school. Originally from Texas, Serhant took a trip to Austin College in Sherman, Texas, and realized he wouldn’t have to give up either sport.

He could play both.

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“It was a great opportunity to play both sports,” said Serhant, now in his second year at Austin College, a liberal arts college 30 minutes north of the greater Dallas metroplex. “I talked to people and knew it was possible. I knew it was going to be tough, but I knew it was possible.”

Now playing two sports is just part of Serhant’s routine. After football, Serhant gets “a solid month off” before he prepares for the baseball season.

While playing two sports and taking classes can be time consuming, Serhant said the chance to play football and baseball in college was too good to pass up.

“Traveling is tough,” he said. “Especially during baseball because there are a lot more games. Besides that, it’s time consuming, but if you put in your time, it’s not bad.”

During his freshman year, Serhant played defensive back during the football season and served as a backup center fielder for the baseball team.

During the summer, Serhant thought of giving up baseball to just focus on football. But the thought of not having anything to do during the spring – and the opportunity to play more than he did as a freshman – kept Serhant on the baseball team.

Now, staying the course in baseball looks like it will pay off. After the baseball team won the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference last year, Serhant – who will focus on pitching this year – said this year’s team could be even better.

Last year, during the opening portion of the baseball season, Serhant and his teammates were practicing in a gym. This year, the members of the Austin College baseball team are leaving at the beginning of January for a 10-day baseball trip to Hawaii.

“We should be good,” Serhant said. “We’re looking to repeat.”

With several weeks before Serhant has to go back to Texas, he said he’s certainly enjoying his time back in Steamboat.

“It’s a lot more difficult. The competition is high for both sports,” Serhant said. “You definitely relish your down time.”