Seniors’ patio chairs stolen from home |

Seniors’ patio chairs stolen from home

Danie Harrelson

— Residents of a local retirement center were willing to forgive and forget when two of their patio chairs disappeared last month.

When three more plastic chairs and one plastic table were reported missing Tuesday afternoon, their generous nature took a back seat to wanting to find the culprit.

“First we decided to not make a fuss about the whole ordeal,” Mountain View Manor resident Anne Tasey said. “But now the idea that somebody or somebodies would take more chairs leaves us disgusted.”

Tasey is one of a dozen or so residents who take a rest on the patio seats located just beyond the building’s entrance along the banks of Butcherknife Creek on Pine Street.

Dottie Van Horn, also a Mountain View Manor resident, said she and her neighbors enjoy the coolness of sitting outside on warm afternoons that make their small apartments hot and uncomfortable.

“We’re tired from the day, and this allows us to take a break,” Van Horn said.

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“We’re a little bit upset that someone would walk off with something that gives us so much enjoyment.”

The Senior Citizen Foundation of Routt County makes Mountain View Manor apartments available for senior citizens who want to live in a smaller setting.

Many of the residents are worried the chairs will not be replaced.

Van Horn suggested the city’s attempt to cut lighting costs by not lighting the patio area until 8:30 p.m. keeps the patio area in the dark and makes it much easier to steal the chairs without anyone’s notice.

Now some of the residents will have no place to sit, Van Horn said.

All that remains of their seating arrangement are four chairs and one table that were fastened to the ground and too difficult to move, she said.

“We want whoever took our chairs to know that we’ll overlook it again if they will only drop them off,” Van Horn said. “They don’t even have to tell us who they are and can return them when no one is looking.”