Scotty Stoughton: Thank you Steamboat |

Scotty Stoughton: Thank you Steamboat

To the community of Steamboat Springs,

It is with a full heart that I wish, on behalf of the entire WinterWonderGrass family, to express my gratitude and to say "thank you" to the community of Steamboat, the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. and to all of the deeply supportive locals.

We set out to create something different with WinterWonderGrass, not so much a festival but a platform to reconnect with one another, the environment, the arts, the kids and the seniors. Your community is igniting that vision, and your spirit runs through our foundation.

To that point, we’d like to give a special nod of appreciation and respect to Ski Corp. employee Larry Young. Larry has been working with WWG since day one, fighting hard on behalf of Ski Corp. to bring this event to Steamboat.

He and his team have joined with our team to dial in this complex, internationally-recognized festival, and we could not do this without him at the helm. Thank you Larry, and to all your team members, for humbly and tirelessly working behind the scenes to make WinterWonderGrass a reality.

We are recognized on a national scale as leaders in a new movement of entrepreneurs and event organizers; focused, not only on the bottom line but the essential needs of our modern world. We revere the mountain environment that inspires us, we value recycling and conservation programs, we are dedicated to supporting local nonprofits, hiring local talent, empowering our team and holding ourselves to the highest standards of safety and customer service.

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Having personally spoken to many of our world-class artists, I can say that they all feel as though Steamboat is now a second home. The WWG family, the artists and the many fans coming from all over the country and world have been touched by the kindness, overwhelming hospitality and welcoming spirit of Steamboat Springs.

We hear stories every day of plans to "never miss a WWG Steamboat," the "best gathering of the year", and we plan to only deepen that connection.

We are coming back. Mark your calendars, the WinterWonderGrass 2019 pre-sale is 9 a.m., Tuesday, April 24. In the coming weeks, we will recap the donations to local charities and waste diversion rates to continue in our spirit of transparency.

We welcome you to join us in the majestic Alpine community of Squaw Valley from April 6 to 8 to continue basking in the alpenglow of WinterWonderGrass.

With respect,

Scotty Stoughton and the WinterWonderGrass family