Scott Wedel: Letter about Baumgardner omits key facts |

Scott Wedel: Letter about Baumgardner omits key facts

The recent letter to the editor by Chuck McConnell neglected the critical fact that an outside investigator, hired by the Senate Republican leader, found the allegations against Sen Baumgardner to be “credible.”

The findings that the allegations were “credible” is what triggered the calls for his resignation by this newspaper. The Senate Leader has also declined to release the investigative report to be transparent on why the allegations are viewed as credible.

Serving in the State Senate is not a constitutional right and doesn’t require being proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be unfit to serve. An elected body tends to have a standard of not bringing disrepute to the office.

Also, the facts are that if Sen Baumgardner were to resign then it wouldn’t change the political control of the State Senate.  According, to standard procedures in Colorado, a Republican leaving the state legislature would be replaced by another Republican selected by the Republican Party.

The scenario as presented by Mr. McConnell would be terrible if allegations, possibly partisan, then led to immediate calls for resignation. Unfortunately, that scenario leaves out the key fact of the findings of the independent investigator. There should be a responsibility by all involved in political and electoral issues to care about the facts and not present a case that omits critical facts.

If Colorado Republicans wish to face the electorate denying that an independent investigator’s findings of credible allegations brought disrepute onto the State Senate and maybe also pretend that no such investigation occurred then so be it. I think that is an arrogant attitude that the voters will tend to reject.

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Scott Wedel

Steamboat Springs