Scott Stanford: Newspaper increases comics package |

Scott Stanford: Newspaper increases comics package

Ask and you shall receive.

Some time back, I asked readers for input about our Sunday comics. The overwhelming majority of you asked me to add Zits to the lineup.

Starting on Sunday, Zits will be in our comics package. The strip focuses on the life of 15-year-old Jeremy Duncan and his parents. I’m a fan and think it will be well received.

But Zits isn’t all we are adding. We are sharing our Sunday comics package with the Craig Daily Press, so we’ve added several of the Daily Press’ strips, including Rose is Rose, The Born Loser and Frank and Ernest. We also are buying other comics readers suggested, including Frazz, Pearls Before Swine, Over the Hedge and Get Fuzzy. Overall, we are going from 16 features in our Sunday comics to 25.

Here is a brief synopsis of the new strips:

Rose is Rose focuses on the everyday life of the Gumbo family, with a particular emphasis on the family matriarch, Rose. Pat Brady and Don Wimmer are the cartoonists.

The Born Loser started with a revolving cast of characters but has come to focus on Brutus Thornapple, the quintessential “lovable loser.” The strip was created in 1965 by the late Art Sansom, whose son, Chip Sansom, is the current cartoonist.

Frank and Ernest follows the travails of – who else? – Frank and Ernest. The characters appear in any time period and any situation and are masters of the pun. The strip was created by the late Bob Thaves and is today drawn by his son, Tom Thaves.

Frazz focuses on the life of Bryson Elementary School janitor Edwin “Frazz” Frazier, who also is a musician and a blue-collar philosopher. Frazz is drawn by Jeff Mallett.

Pearls Before Swine is about an egotistical but dimwitted rat and a humble, dimwitted pig. My syndicate salesman tells me it is one of the fastest-growing and most popular strips around. Stephan Pastis, a former lawyer, is the cartoonist.

The 2006 movie “Over the Hedge” was based on the comic strip, which started in 1995. It focuses on R.J. the raccoon, Verne the turtle and other animals as suburbia creeps into their woods. Michael Fry and T. Lewis are the artists.

Get Fuzzy follows the life of single ad executive Rob Wilco and his pets, Bucky and Satchel. It is drawn by Darby Conley.

Finally, we are adding a new puzzle, “Sudoku High Fives,” to our Sunday package. Sudoku High Fives includes five Sudoku puzzles formed in a cross shape with panels shared between each puzzle. Sudoku High Five is separate from the daily Sudoku puzzle.

We are not changing any of the current comics. That’s good for me, since I’m an avid Dilbert and Doonesbury fan.

Sorry, I couldn’t manage the return of Calvin and Hobbes. Cartoonist Bill Watterson has not returned to the strip since retiring it at the end of 1995.

I hope you enjoy the new package of comics. If you have feedback for me, call or e-mail me.

Scott Stanford’s From the Editor column appears Thursdays in Steamboat Today. Contact him at 871-4221 or e-mail

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