Scott Ford: What is gained? |

Scott Ford: What is gained?

I saw a bumper sticker on a car in my neighborhood that read, “I Support Steamboat 700.”

Prior to the City Council meeting Sept. 29, big, blue sticker buttons with the same message were being passed out.

There is a great temptation to frame the current annexation proposal in “political campaign” terms, i.e., “I win and you lose.”

This rancorous approach does little to serve the process and only fosters unnecessary community divisiveness. What is gained?

I hope we can tone down the campaign-like rhetoric so the focus of our collective energy can be on evaluating the proposed annexation agreement solely on its merits.

Simply put, does the annexation agreement meet the goals of the West of Steamboat Springs Area Plan? What tradeoffs have been made in exchange for tangible long-term public benefit?

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Is this the best agreement we can hope for?

Right now, as elected community representatives using their very best judgment, City Council needs to answer these questions.

We are depending on them to do the necessary due diligence and fiduciary oversight critical in evaluating this agreement.

A time may come for campaign stickers and slogans – but now is not that time. With a decision of this magnitude, nobody wins if we do not get it right at this stage in the process.

Scott Ford

Steamboat Springs