Scott Ford: Towny deserves ‘A’ |

Scott Ford: Towny deserves ‘A’

I am writing in response to George Noyer’s recent letter to the editor calling into question City Council candidate Towny Anderson’s ability to establish a good working relationship with the county commissioners. This has more to do with leadership than credibility.

Throughout the location of the Justice Center debate, Towny made his position clear and used established processes within the system to challenge what he and others felt was a wrong decision. Regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with the outcome of the Justice Center debate, the manner in which Towny undertook challenging the decision showed leadership. It is easy for anyone to adopt a philosophy that is best described as “Go along to get along.” Sometimes this philosophy has its place, and other times it does not.

One of the key characteristics of leadership is demonstrated when an individual takes an unpopular stand and weathers the storm of debate (win or lose) without taking or making it personal. We must never underestimate how hard it is to do this. It is critical, however, that anyone in a leadership position demonstrate this ability to be truly effective. This takes both credibility and integrity, and Towny deserves an A+ in both of these categories.

Scott Ford
Steamboat Springs