School Board District 1: Michael Loomis |

School Board District 1: Michael Loomis

Michael Loomis

Age: 48

Family: Married with two daughters, ages 9 and 11

Occupation: Real estate


Do you think the school district’s policy on class sizes is adequate? If not, how would you change it?

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No. To decrease class sizes, reconsider the current ratios used to determine how many teachers are hired at schools, especially at the elementary level, and use dollars from the city’s half-cent sales tax for education.

What’s one thing you would like to change about the school district?

Relationships between staff, teachers, and administration, including the School Board. One factor in that relationship is communication, while another is pay of staff and teachers. “(The goal is) meeting the needs of all the kids across the district with the money that we have, while keeping teachers and staff feeling like they’re being rewarded for their good work.”

Is there a trust issue between district employees and district administration, and if so, how would you improve that relationship? Yes, that relationship needs to be improved. One step is to talk with and listen to all employees. That should be done throughout the year, not just when a tough issue is at the forefront.