School Board District 1: John DeVincentis |

School Board District 1: John DeVincentis

ohn DeVincentis

Age: 58

Occupation: Co-owner of Deck Swabs, part-time consultant for the Colorado Department of Education School Support Team

Do you think the School District’s policy on class sizes is adequate? If not, how would you change it? No. The maximum class size at elementary schools should be 20 students, and classes at other schools should be small. Use funds from the half-cents sales tax for education more aggressively to reduce class sizes and also carefully look at the budget to see where expenditures can be cut.

What’s one thing you would like to change about the school district?

The relationship among the School Board, staff and the community, as well as morale among staff. Salaries are a part of that, as is caring for people and telling them when they have done a good job.

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Is there a trust issue between district employees and district administration, and if so, how would you improve that relationship?

Yes — opinions of staff have not been asked, and the School Board has not honored agreements. To improve it, School Board members need to be in the schools, talking with teachers and other staff. A first step is to assess the climate in the schools through surveys and interviews, then make changes, and see whether those changes work.