Sarah Woodmansee: Water, cool, clear water |

Sarah Woodmansee: Water, cool, clear water

Water. Without it, what could we do? The short answer is, nothing at all.

Clean, non toxic and plentiful, it is what sustains our economy. Snow for skiing, river for floating and rafting, our beautiful wild flowers; water is important in all phases of life here in the Yampa Valley.

The Environmental Protection Agency, through the  Clean Water Act and The Waters of the United States Rule, protects and regulates all of our water's quality and river flows, not just that water that flows all year long and can be used by boats.

President Trump and Scott Pruitt, administrator of the EPA, have worked to repeal and replace this part of the EPA's regulation, applying it only to water and wetlands that are constantly flowing and can be used by boats.

Water in the Yampa River Valley and throughout most of northwestern Colorado would be excluded from the protection and regulations of these rules and regulations. Dredging, filling, and changing wetlands as well as polluting can damage our streams, fish, and wildlife unless this plan is brought to a halt.

We can write to the EPA now regarding the Clean Water Act to ask that this repeal not be put in place, and to our Congressmen:

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• Senator Cory Gardner: 202-224-5941, Washington, D.C.

• Senator Michael Bennet: 202-224-5852, Washington, D.C.

• Representative Scott Tipton: 202-225-4671, Washington D.C.

• EPA: by email to

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