Sarah Coleman: What is your why? |

Sarah Coleman: What is your why?

Sarah Coleman/For Steamboat Today

— I believe in setting goals. I believe in setting yourself up for success. I believe in making yourself a better person everyday. I believe in pushing the limits.

I believe in YOU.

Sometimes we get off track, and that is OK. How do we bounce back? How do we get back in shape? How do we start again? How do we make it successful?

Here's how! Ask yourself every morning, what is my why? This is all the motivation you need to keep going. Plain and simple.

"To keep up with my kids."

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"To play hockey."

"To get stronger."

"The hot guys."

"Because I'm addicted."

"To look good in my wedding dress."

Need a little help? Here is a complete DIY (no equipment necessary) to get you back to your routine, back on track and to a better, healthier, happier version of you in no time.

I want to see this on every refrigerator in town.

A: 15 burpees

B: 25 squats

C: 1 minute plank

D: Run ½ mile

E: 20 walking lunges

F: 100 jumping jacks

G: 10 push-ups

H: 50 sit-ups

I: 30-second side planks (each side)

J: 15 box jumps

K: Run 1 mile

L: 50 bicycle crunches

M: 25 jump squats

N: 1-minute lateral jumps

O: 15 dips

P: 5 alligator push-ups

Q: 100 mountain climbers

R: 10 single leg squats

S: 15 jump lunges

T: 10 hollow rocks

U: 20 lateral lunges

V: 10 single leg bridges

W: 10 T push-ups

X: 10 burpee broad jumps

Y: 5 100-meter sprints

Z: 50 crunches

It goes like this: Spell your name (or word of choice) and repeat for 10 to 20 minutes (depending on your time frame). Pretty easy, right? Plus, countless options, tons of fun and back to shape in no time.

Don't forget to pick your why. It will guide you, strengthen you, push you and challenge you. Go get 'em!

Sarah Coleman brings years of personal health and fitness knowledge to the table. Currently the health and wellness director at The Foundry, Coleman is a personal trainer, "CrossFitter," coach, outdoor enthusiast, managing partner with Inspired Live Network and owner of A Weight Lifted Fitness Camp. She provides flawless technique and a positive attitude. Taking fitness to new levels, she uses the outdoor environment, your living room or work space, as well as the gym to influence and push her clientele. Funky knee socks and outrageous colors make Sarah unique, which transfers into her training and brings a smile to everyone's face.