Sarah Coleman: Top 10 excellent substitutions |

Sarah Coleman: Top 10 excellent substitutions

We all like to eat. We all like to look good.

Here are a few tips to help you slim down the waistline but still feel satisfied — a win-win if you ask me. Healthy and tasty, what's better than that?

1. Swap noodles for "zoodles" (zucchini noodles) tonight for dinner.

Sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash are good here as well. Simply spiralize (you can buy the tool at Walmart) your veggies to look like noodles. Top with your favorite garnishings. Try sweet potato Pad Thai or sausage and peppers over zoodles.

2. Switch things up by using almond milk instead of yogurt in your morning smoothie.

Cutting fat and sugar will make you stay fuller longer and not have those mid-morning cravings. Plus, you add a little healthy protein to your morning. Try almond milk, frozen berries and avocado.

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3. Give almond butter a whirl

Instead of peanut butter on your apple or banana for a midday boost. Less fat and lighter flavor makes your belly and heart smile.

4. Experiment with different oils to cook with.

Ditch canola oil and try avocado or coconut oil. Taste and feel the difference.

5. Sweeten things up with dates or coconut

Need sugar? Substitute with these for "healthy" cookies. It really does the trick. Mix almond butter, dates, oats, craisins and maple syrup in the food processor. Form into fun shapes and enjoy.

6. Ditch bread and tortillas

Use a lettuce wrap instead for leftover tacos or sandwiches for lunch tomorrow. No need for extra carbs in the middle of the day. And for a quick snack, roll up turkey, sliced avocado and some diced peppers.

7. Forget about hot dogs and buy chicken apple sausages.

Your kids may not notice the difference, but you will. Attempt homemade honey mustard (dijon and maple syrup) for dipping. I won't even mention what's actually in a hot dog.

8 . Need a chocolate pick-me-up?

We all need a little chocolate every now and then. Try getting dark chocolate instead. But as you make your selection, look for a higher percent of cacao.

9. Make your own granola or trail mix

Simply roast up your favorite nuts and oats and add dried fruit of your choice. You will be amazed at how good it tastes with less sugar. Plus, it's not processed.

10. A lighter happy hour

Go for the lighter options. Sip on vodka and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. Or order a soda water with lime. Ditch those heavier mixed drinks and high calorie beers. And, don't forget to drink water too.

Happy eating and swapping. Here's to looking good and feeling good.

Sarah Coleman brings years of personal health and fitness knowledge to the table. Currently, the health and wellness director at The Foundry, Coleman is a personal trainer, “CrossFitter” coach, outdoor enthusiast, managing partner with Inspired Live Network and owner of A Weight Lifted Fitness Camp. She provides flawless technique and a positive attitude. Taking fitness to new levels, she uses the outdoor environment, your living room or work space, as well as the gym to influence and push her clientele. Funky knee socks and outrageous colors make Sarah unique, which transfers into her training and brings a smile to everyone’s face.