Sarah Coleman: Change your perspective — how to get unstuck |

Sarah Coleman: Change your perspective — how to get unstuck

Sarah Coleman
For Steamboat Pilot & Today

Stuck in a rut? Here are some tips for what to do when you feel stuck or dissatisfied with suggestions from all of you. Thanks for taking the time to comment and help others out. When in doubt, burpee it out.

  1. Keep going — this too shall pass.
  2. Turn up the tunes and dance.
  3. Read Ryan Holiday’s “The Obstacle in the Way.”
  4. A nice long hike — preferably with a dog.
  5. Exercise in nature.
  6. Start with identifying what is within your control and ways to change the trajectory — even if it’s small. 
  7. Find some friends to connect with.
  8. Meditate or eat.
  9. Sleep — then change something so that something changes.
  10. Gratitude and zoom out to put things in perspective.
  11. Find a long dirt road, turn up the music, roll down the windows and drive.
  12. Do a small 100-150 piece jigsaw puzzle — disconnect from technology, focus and problem-solve. You may emerge with a whole new creative perspective.
  13. Go outside and try your hardest to think about nothing so you can create space for what you need to come in.
  14. Take inventory of yourself — what expectations have I created for myself? Are they attainable and realistic goals?
  15. Lean into the feeling of being stuck; do not ignore it. Address it, take steps to grow and learn, and manifest what you want.
  16. Talk it out. Climb a mountain. Repeat.
  17. Think about things you are looking forward to.
  18. Do something that jolts your adrenaline.
  19. Get a new haircut — something slightly different.
  20. Do some burpees, go on a run, a bike ride (until you’re too tired to think about it). Let the endorphins tell you how to move on.

Happy spring, friends. Get outside and get unstuck. Try something new. Reach out to friends. Shift your mindset. Do your burpees. And yay it forward.

Sarah Coleman is a wellness and recovery coach at Foundry Steamboat, a personal trainer and fitness coach at Steamboat Fit, a CrossFitter, a food connoisseur, meal prep chef and an outdoor enthusiast everywhere.

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