Sarah Coleman: 10 ways to get out of your comfort zone now |

Sarah Coleman: 10 ways to get out of your comfort zone now

Sarah Coleman
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Sarah Coleman
Joel Reichenberger

We all love our own cozy comfort zone. I mean, why not, it’s comfortable. But, we have all heard it a million times, the magic happens once you step out of it. 

So, this month, I dare you to try it. Maybe just a tiptoe at first or maybe, just maybe, a big leap. It isn’t going to be easy, but it will be totally worth it. I promise.

  • Flip a coin. Have a tough decision to make? Try flipping a coin and being totally OK with the outcome no matter which way the coin falls.
  • Do five minutes of burpees. If you aren’t completely uncomfortable at some point during this, do five more minutes.
  • Pick something that scares you, I mean really, scares you and spend two to five minutes doing it every day for a week/month/year. At the end of your designated timeframe, ask yourself, am I less scared?
  • Sign up for something you have always wanted to do — a new class, an adventure, a trip, a certification, a race — you get the picture. Spend the time leading up to the experience visualizing greatness, success and fame. 
  • Have an “anything can happen day.” Mark it on your calendar with a big red smiley face. Call in sick, go to a movie, go on a hike, turn your phone off, live spontaneously for one whole day.
  • Learn how to dance or speak another language. Study. Learn. Practice.
  • Give to someone else. Sometimes, we have to do something for someone else before we can do it for ourselves. Become a mentor, bake someone cookies or challenge a friend to a new task.
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable. The more you do it, the easier it can become. Start simple, brush your teeth with your eyes closed, go out, stay in, walk to work, hide a love note, take a different route or try salmon again.
  • Have a tech-free day. No really, turn off everything — music, phone, computer, brain, and see how you feel. It might be really uncomfortable or really nice.
  • When in doubt, rely on your tribe to help. Ask others how they get comfortable being uncomfortable. Sometimes, it’s something you have never thought of.

Studies show that not only does the magic happen just outside your comfort zone, but you will age better, be more creative, learn more and perform at your peak.

Sarah Coleman is a wellness coach at The Foundry, a personal trainer, CrossFitter and coach at Steamboat CrossFit, food connoisseur at Bitchin Kitchin and outdoor enthusiast everywhere.

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