Sarah Blackstone: Thank you Steamboat from Chico, California |

Sarah Blackstone: Thank you Steamboat from Chico, California

My brother has lived in Steamboat Springs for many years and he sends news from there from time to time. I live in Chico, California, near the disaster area in Paradise, and recently, he has sent me a number of news items regarding efforts in Steamboat to support the victims of the Camp Fire here in Northern California.

I just want to let everyone who has bought Resilience Ale or donated books for school children in Paradise that those of us living with the fire every day very much appreciate your efforts and your concern. Recovery has been slow and will take a very long time, but we are determined to rebuild the community and support our neighbors as we tackle all the difficult problems.

All your help will make a real difference. We just can’t believe the generosity of your community, and we look forward to the arrival of all those books.

Thank you!

Sarah Blackstone

Chico, California

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