Sandy Fisher: Steamboat Springs Orchestra professional |

Sandy Fisher: Steamboat Springs Orchestra professional

It’s true. There are many organizations or entities in Steamboat we can support or with which we can get involved, and as a result we feel more satisfied as humans. But to my way of thinking, there is nothing that stirs my heart and soul like a musical performance that is well-executed and, in this case, well-played. I speak about our own Steamboat Springs Orchestra, under the direction of Ernest Richardson.

Sunday’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony was stellar, and John Williams and the Boston Pops could not have played it better. So it is high time we thank Ernest, the Steamboat Springs Orchestra musicians, and Bonnie McGee and the board for their talent, time and commitment in providing Steamboat with so many soul-stirring concerts this year.

For those of you who have missed the Orchestra concerts, you have “missed the boat,” as they say. We are the one and only ski area in America with a professional orchestra. And make no mistake, this orchestra is indeed professional. Many thanks, Ernest, for your vision and love of music.

Sandy Fisher

Steamboat Springs