Sandy Conlon: Pig poem |

Sandy Conlon: Pig poem

[With apologies to Rory Clow who made a reasonable proposal to Steamboat Springs City Council, which would allow pet pigs in the city limits.]

Pig Pets

The species porcine

Identifies a creature many think sublime;

If City Council allows pet pigs to be

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Can they also run free

Unbound by pesky leashes

Swim in the river with the Yampa’s fishes?

Participate in pig races

Play at pig parks

and walk in pig-designated places

Council can rename

Important byways and streets

Pork Place and Slop Hollow

A business start-up might soon follow

Selling a special pig poo picker-upper

Or certain elite pigs could be invited to the local community supper

To eat not to be eaten

Such a guest surely cannot be beaten

And well-behaved pigs can attend any council meetings

Trained to meet each proposal with appropriate squealings

And while rejecting projects over five stories high

Council can now exclaim, “In a pig’s eye!

We’ll not allow that sty in the sky!”

Sandy Conlon

Steamboat Springs