Salky: Not enough trash cans |

Salky: Not enough trash cans

I am thoroughly disgusted and embarrassed by the amount of trash that is heaping over the trash cans on Main Street.

Every summer when I am working the weekend shift at All That (formerly All That Jazz), I am overwhelmed with the complete lack of planning and upkeep for our weekend traffic. 

The Steamboat Today posted that 6,000 guests were here this weekend and more will arrive for the next weekends until the end of summer. This is a weekly occurrence and happens every time we are a tourist destination — winter and spring.

People lined the streets on Saturday for the Mustang Rally, and by 1 p.m., the trash cans/recycling cans were completely filled. Sunday, at 5:42 p.m., the cans are still there completely full. It’s an absolute eyesore and doesn’t bode well for our beautiful town.

Please explain to me why it’s not possible to have crews put up extra trash cans around and empty them every Saturday? I am constantly being asked if I can throw away our customers trash. I am happy to oblige, but this is not the answer.

And while I’m at it, where in the world do these people go to the bathroom? We need to come up with a better alternative for public bathrooms. The management companies and most businesses do not allow people to just use the bathroom. 

If we are to remain a top-notch tourist destination, then we need to have a better infrastructure to handle the number of people and what comes along with their coming to visit our town. 

Until permanent plans are made, why can’t the city at least put up Porta-potties and cardboard trash cans and a crew to keep up with the trash every weekend during the tourist season.

I’ve seen this go on for the last nine years that I’ve worked in town. It’s time for our city to take action to keep our town beautiful. C’mon Steamboat! Let’s clean up our act! 

Paula Salky

Steamboat Springs

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