Sage grouse viewing tours start March 28 |

Sage grouse viewing tours start March 28

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Conservation Colorado, along with partners Rocky Mountain Wild, The Wilderness Society and Friends of Northwest Colorado, are offering an opportunity to get a look at mating greater sage grouse during guided viewing tours in Northwest Colorado from March 28 through April 13.

For thousands of years, sage grouse have returned to their traditional breeding grounds — called leks — to perform a dramatic and complex dance as they compete for mates. Watching male sage grouse spread their spiked tail feathers and pop their large air sacs is a treat for birdwatchers or any wildlife enthusiast.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife provides a viewing trailer for the guided tour so people can sit inside and not disturb the grouse on the lek.

The public is reminded that the locations are remote and primitive. Parents with young children or anyone with special needs are asked to inquire about accommodations by contacting Sasha Nelson at

Anyone interested in watching one of the most interesting and visual mating rituals is encouraged to sign up for the guided tour because space is limited.

For dates, times, information and to reserve your spot, visit and click on "Sage Grouse Tours."