Routt County Spotlight: Randy Klauzer |

Routt County Spotlight: Randy Klauzer

Randy Klauzer

Age: 55

Occupation: Lawyer

Place of birth: North Dakota

Q: When did you move to Routt County and what brought you here?

A: 1981, a 1979 Honda. After living in the South Pacific, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I traded sand for snow.

Q: What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken recently?

A: Serving a big California cabernet with oysters Rockefeller.

Q: Describe your morning routine.

A: Puppy licks ear, old dog breathes bad breath in face, middle dog jumps on me, work out, drink coffee, make Alice scrambled eggs with cheese to take to her office, listen to some news, get ready and arrive at the office grumpy.

Q: Have you ever had a book change your life? What was it and why?

A: “Art of War” by Sun Tzu. Less about war and more about personal interactions.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

A: Be gentle.

Q: When you meet someone new, what are the first three things you tell them about yourself?

A: 1) Alice (my wife), 2) My grandchildren Hannah, 4, and Sonny, 2, and 3) for the most part, I don’t like lawyers.

Q: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A: A lineman, just like my dad.

Q: What kind of music did you listen to in high school? What kind of music do you listen to now?

A: Then: rock ‘n’ roll on KOMA. Neil Diamond, The Band, Beethoven’s 6th, The Brandenburg Concertos, Motown. Now: The same rock ‘n’ roll and whatever Alice wants.

Q: If you could invite any four people over for dinner, who would they be, what would you serve and what would you talk about?

A: I would invite my grandmother, serve Chicken Paprikosh and talk about anything she wanted. The other three (people) don’t really matter.

Q: Do you collect anything?

A: Wine, 1930s and ’40s newspaper comic reprints (Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers)

Q: What is your first memory?

A: The family doctor and my mother over my crib when I had whooping cough. I was about 6 months old and shouldn’t remember that, but I told my mother I did.


Book: “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkein,

Song: “Southern Cross” by Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Color: Blue

Food: Green chili with pork, my recipe.

Sport to watch: Softball

Vacation spot: Bavaria

Recreational activity: Scuba diving

Movie: “The Man Who Would Be King”

Magazine: Smithsonian

TV show: “The Simpsons”

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