Routt County Spotlight: Leslie Ann Faulkner |

Routt County Spotlight: Leslie Ann Faulkner

Age: 47

Occupation: Owner, Sweet Potato Lingerie

Place of birth: Los Angeles

Q. When did you move to Routt County, and what brought you here?

A. In 1982. I was 21 and ready to get off the crazy streets of Venice Beach.

Q. What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken recently?

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A. Accepting divorce and moving on with my life.

Q. Describe your morning routine.

A. Hit the snooze button five times, pray to get out of the way and be of service to others, coffee and a smoke, and out the door to greet the day.

Q. Has a book ever changed your life? What was it and why?

A. AA Big Book – that should be obvious to all who knew me two years ago.

Q. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

A. Live in the moment. It’s all I have.

Q. What three things would you want people to know about you?

A. I have two great daughters; if you don’t have a sense of humor, we probably won’t get along; and what you think about me is none of my business.

Q. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A. A writer for Rolling Stone magazine.

Q. If you could invite any four people to dinner, who would they be and what would you talk about?

A. Jimmy Buffet, Eric Clapton, Anthony Keidis and Bill Wilson. Discussion about how Jimmy manages to dodge the bullet.

Q. Do you collect anything?

A. Old medical books from the 1800s.

Q. What was your first job?

A. Serving gilfelte fish to seniors at a Jewish convalescent home.

Q. If you could go back in time, to what event or time period would you go?

A. London in the 1860s to do DNA on Jack the Ripper.


Book: “Lonesome Dove”

Song: “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Color: Pink

Food: Shrimp and avocados

Vacation spot: Ireland – never been, but I know it’s my favorite

Movie: “E.T.”