Routt County Riders hold Bike Swap |

Routt County Riders hold Bike Swap

Melinda Mawdsley

For as popular as mountain biking and road riding are in and around Steamboat Springs, it seems odd that someone hasn’t doctored up a bike swap before.

But the Routt County Riders have taken it upon themselves to change that, as they prepare for the first Bike Swap on April 10.

“It will be like the biking garage sale of the year,” said Routt County Riders member Robin Craigen.

The Bike Swap will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. next Saturday at the Steamboat Springs Community Center next to the library.

Vendors can rent a full table or half table to sell or trade their extra equipment, and owners are responsible for setting up and tearing down their booths, as well as making the sales. Vendor set-up is from 8 to 9 a.m. April 10.

The Routt County Riders are providing the venue to make it all happen.

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In addition, a bike corral will be set up outside where vendors can sell used bikes and interested buyers can check out what’s available for the late spring and summer. Those interested in selling their bikes need to be present for the sales.

Bike shops also are welcome to set up outside the community center.

The cost to get into the Bike Swap is $5 if not a Routt County Rider member, and the cost to put a mountain or road bike in the corral is $5, as well.

The Routt County Riders ask that anything vendors bring to sell be in good, usable condition.

Pete Wither, president of the Routt County Riders, said Denver holds a large bike swap each fall, but early April may be a more opportune time to hold a smaller-scale swap in Steamboat.

“This is the time of year people are looking for bikes and bike stuff, especially in a year like this when you can go out and use it right away,” Wither said.

Wither suggested that people begin to inventory their bike equipment now to see whether it’s adequate and to decide whether they want to upgrade or whether pieces are missing that they need to buy.

All proceeds from the Bike Swap will go to the Routt County Riders.

The Routt County Riders started nearly 20 years ago, Wither said, and serves as a bike advocacy group.

Routt County Riders has helped in the construction of trails such as Lower Bear Trail, Mountain View Trail and trails by the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. The group also maintains existing trails.

“When issues come up such as restriction of use, closure of trails, limits of access and other things that would impact cyclists, generally people in the membership bring these up at meetings, and we write up position statements,” Craigen said.

A membership drive for Routt County Riders will be held later this spring, but a membership is available at the Bike Swap for $15.

Routt County Riders wants to get involved in more events this spring and summer.

The Routt County Riders are holding their next meeting at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Panda Garden. People interested in learning more about the Bike Swap or the Routt County Riders can attend.

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