Routt County residents report political signs being stolen

As political tensions in Steamboat Springs heat up this home at the corner of Yamonite and The Boulevard made their own sign to express their disappointment that thieves stole signs showing support for President Donald Trump were stolen from the front yard.
John F. Russell

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — As the contentious presidential election draws closer, dozens of Routt County residents said they’ve had political signs stolen from their yards.

Steamboat Springs resident Del Lockhart said he has had four of his signs stolen, all with President Donald J. Trump’s name and slogan on them.

“I just think it’s pretty lowball to be stealing someone’s signs,” Lockhart said. “You might differ from them politically, but you don’t steal their signs.” 

Lockhart believes Democrats in the area stole his signs and called their alleged actions a “lack of tolerance.” He has reported each case to the Steamboat Springs Police Department, though the department does not have a suspect in the matter.

Steamboat resident Rob Mitchell believes his Biden/Harris sign was stolen Saturday night while he was out of town. Mitchell’s neighbors also had a Biden sign stolen the same night.

“They’re effectively taking away your views, and that’s not what democracy and our society is all about,” he said. “This should be about discussions and the ability to talk.”

Chairs of both the Routt County Democrats and Routt County Republicans said they are aware of the matter and that this happens every election cycle.

Catherine Carson, chairwoman of the Routt County Democrats, said she has had more people tell her their signs have been stolen than she has in previous years.

“I hope they were taken in the spirit of fun and not anger,” Carson said, adding she thinks kids pulling pranks may be to blame.

Pete Wood, chairman of the Routt County Republicans, said he has had signs stolen and had one defaced to write vulgar words out of President Trump and Vice President Pence’s names.

“I had kind of a good laugh about it,” he said of the vandalized sign. “It’s unfortunate that anyone’s signs are stolen no matter what political affiliation.”

Wood said most reports of stolen signs he’s seen have been Trump signs, with a few reports of stolen Lauren Boebert and Sen. Cory Gardner signs. Boebert is running to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives, and Gardner is a sitting U.S. senator from Colorado.

“Every year, the other side thinks they’ve had more signs stolen,” Carson said, adding a few years ago, the Routt County Democrats’ office had their banner stolen from their roof.

The Police Department has received several reports of stolen political signs but has not given citations to anyone over the matter. If they catch a person stealing signs, police issue a citation for petty theft, which typically carries a fine. 

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