Routt County adoptable pets: Simon the cat and Crash the dog |

Routt County adoptable pets: Simon the cat and Crash the dog


Simon is a 2-year-old, handsome, domestic longhair cat weighing 9 1/2 pounds. He would like to be your best friend but the only furry family member in your home. Simon’s a special cat who had a head injury when he was younger, but it doesn’t stop him from acting like a regular cat and loving on people. He would love to roam the house, explore and catch any mouse invaders. At the end of his day, Simon would like to curl up on the couch and watch a movie with you.


Crash is a 5-year-old, Heeler mix weighing about 63-pounds. This handsome fellow was originally adopted as a puppy and recently surrendered to the shelter due to a major environment change in the home. Crash would love to be the only furry family member and doesn’t have any experience with children. He likes long walks, squeaky toys, tennis balls, playing in the snow, napping in the sun and showing off how smart he is with all the commands and tricks he’s learned.

For more information about Simon, Crash and other adoptable pets, call the Routt County Humane Society at 970-879-7247 or visit

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