Ron Pollard: Take America back |

Ron Pollard: Take America back

— Yes, the people, the citizens, the voters, can, God willing, take back America before it is too late.

America is blessed or cursed, depending on one’s point of view, to have one of the most unique presidents in our great history. It is a significant point that we now have a man of color. The time has come.

Is there still racism in America? Sadly, there are still people in our society who have racism in their hearts. This is nonsense! I have been to war, shoulder to shoulder, with people of diverse races and ethnic origins. Our blood is all the same red color and is interchangeable.

President Barack Obama is an unusual man. He possesses a beautiful family and is extremely intelligent, a purveyor of words second to none and, in my opinion, is a narcissist. These are his basic overall qualifications for the highest elected position in the greatest nation in the world. He has been given an enthusiastic bully pulpit by almost all branches of the media to push his radical vision of a new America from its current health system to a not so veiled government control of almost everything in our lives.

Are there a number of things in our society that need to be improved, including health care? Yes, but looking at all the programs that government controls and with all the good that many of them do, the waste and corruption are enormous. This is the real reform that needs to be addressed and yet President Obama wants the government to take over more and more aspects of our lives.

What is the projected cost of Obama’s bigger and bigger government? As more and more non-detailed information is brought to light, many informed experts predict this eventually will bankrupt America. This is now China’s concern as they already own a large chunk of America through America’s heavy borrowing. China now appears to be worried about America’s ability to pay back what is owed, much less loan America more. As former President Ronald Reagan once astutely noted, “Government is not the solution, government is the problem.”

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Let’s briefly examine other parts of Obama’s new America:

– Foreign policy: He expressly apologizes to the world for the sometimes heavy-handed way America has shed its blood and wealth on foreign soils to keep them free and asking nothing in return except to remain free. Has this been reciprocal? What he recently did to Poland and Czechoslovakia was unbelievable and then announced the change on the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Poland. We’ve sold out two of our strongest allies. But, Russia is very pleased.

– Homeland security: He is, one piece at a time, dismantling our ability to gather the required intelligence that has kept us safe since 9/11. This is under the pretext of taking the “moral road.” The highest moral road that the President has is to protect America.

Finally, there is a movement starting that capitalism is the real enemy to the new America. What is capitalism? Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition and protection of individual rights, including property rights. Specifically: property rights, individual freedoms and responsibilities; free trade in capital goods and labor including immigration; non-arbitrary money supply and free banking; very limited taxation and a strong national defense here and abroad.

In conclusion, capitalism coupled with freedom of religion has made America the dream of both free and the enslaved countries of the world.

May God continue to bless and guide America no matter how far away from him and his tenets we have turned.

Ron Pollard

Steamboat Springs