Ron Pollard: Socialism coming |

Ron Pollard: Socialism coming

— As the tide of this election moves forward, it appears that the first-term Sen. Barack Obama will become our president, and significant change will follow throughout the next four years. The ultimate change will be what is now considered capitalism tinged with socialism, to a socialistic country tinged with capitalism. With a “filibuster proof” Democratic congress led by President Obama’s stated economic plans, I believe we will have the biggest economic and socialistic change in this country’s history.

To Obama’s credit, he has told us his exact plans for America, and we cannot be surprised. To America’s discredit, more than half of America has not thought this through. What really scares me is his unbelievable eloquence in the spoken word and charisma coupled with his outspoken and unrepentant America-hating friends and mentors who cannot help but to shape his innermost character.

What has made this country the greatest, most powerful, most generous in the history of the world has been the individual’s work ethic striving to better himself, his family and his country. Obama’s stated plan of taking from those whose hard work and strivings throughout the years resulted in some degree of wealth will now have a considerable portion taken from them and given to those who, for whatever reasons only they truly know, have not had the same result.

Where will the incentive be for all to strive for the American dream when your government says, ‘Don’t worry, we will see that you will be taken care of from other peoples’ efforts.’ Look at France – at one time in history a great and powerful country – and where decades of a socialistic economy has left them. And they are not the only ones in their area of the world.

In my early years, which were quite long ago, it was a different era in our country. My mother was widowed when I was 3, and as a single mom, working full time in a shoe store, she raised me with a lot of love and little more. Today we would be considered very underprivileged. But, I loved every minute of it because, at that time, America was beautiful and strong and life was clean, bright and fun. The virtue at that time for happiness was to be hardworking, honest and all things were possible because this was America, the home of the free and the brave. I started working at a number of part-time jobs when I was about 11 and continued to do so until it neared time to start college, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. That was the American way then for all ages, and it was rewarding in many, many ways.

My heart breaks for what our young people today have to go through relative to drugs, alcohol and the media’s emphasis on “filth” and “self” culture.

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It is my belief that this upcoming election is a pivotal point in our history. The creator God berthed this nation as a Christian nation, but with freedom of religion for all. That same God who loves us and has blessed us so much can turn His face away from us as we turn our faces away from Him.

The choices we make will determine not only the quality of the fiber or backbone of our country, but also its future security in an ever-growing dangerous world.

Ron Pollard

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