Rodney Branstetter: ‘Thoughts and prayers’ do have meaning |

Rodney Branstetter: ‘Thoughts and prayers’ do have meaning

On Valentine’s Day, I watched as a Denver 9 News reporter described the tragic murders at a Florida school. After awhile, she said, in a hushed voice, "we will be back in a moment."

What followed immediately was an advertisement for a new Hollywood horror film that contained scene after scene of humans butchering other humans. A few minutes later, I saw another similar advertisement for a different Hollywood movie. That being said, I can easily predict the following signs and symptoms of a sick society:

– Thousands of Americans will pay $15 each to watch a Hollywood horror film and call it entertainment.

– A priest will sexually abuse a child.

– A bad cop will perpetrate violence on an innocent citizen.

– Someone will drive while impaired, or texting, and kill someone.

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– A CEO will steal from shareholders, employees and/or customers.

– A man will beat his wife and/or kids.

– A mother will partake in dangerous drugs and/or alcohol while pregnant with her child.

– A pregnant mother will abort her child and then partake in dangerous drugs and/or alcohol.

– An elected official will grope an associate. Republicans will blame Democrats. Democrats will blame Republicans, and then all will vote to fire some missiles into a foreign country and raise the national debt.

– And again, someone with a gun will murder innocent people in a church or a school or in their own home.

– "Thoughts and prayers" are obviously "meaningless" to the sick segment of society.

At the same time, other Americans will give aid to a friend or a stranger, love their kids, share the pain of hardships and tragedies, do the right thing … "thoughts and prayers" are not "meaningless" to this segment of society.

Rodney Branstetter