Rodger Steen: Our senators should vote to maintain BLM methane rule |

Rodger Steen: Our senators should vote to maintain BLM methane rule

Last week our congressman, Scott Tipton, voted against West Slope citizens. He joined the stampede to reverse recently passed federal legislation using the Congressional Review Act by voting to reverse the 2016 BLM Methane Rule.

This rule is a modest, practical and effective way of limiting the wasting of methane gas from oil and gas production wells leased from the BLM. It is an update of 1979 leasing requirements, so leasing could again be managed by 37-year old, outdated rules.

This wasted gas is owned by the citizens of this country and is managed by BLM. When it is wasted, the oil and gas companies pay no royalties on it, and we get no revenue from it. Moreover, as a secondary benefit, the decrease in wasted gas would result in cleaner air and lower contribution to global warming.

Everything is wrong about wasting this natural resource; it could be efficiently captured and sold. Nothing is right about wasting it. We don't expect Congressman Tipton, our representative, to waste our money; we expect better from our representative.

The voting now goes to the Senate, and we request that our senators Gardner and Bennet will appreciate the value in this BLM methane rule, respect our natural resource and vote to retain it.

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