Robin Stone: I support plastic bag ban |

Robin Stone: I support plastic bag ban

I read in the Steamboat Pilot & Today about the Steamboat Springs teens’ proposal to eliminate single-use plastic bags, and I am in favor of it.

People may argue that Steamboat relies on tourists and that visitors would not like the inconvenience presented by a plastic bag ban, but I do not think that argument holds weight. 

Hawaii is a tourist-based economy, and the state of Hawaii adopted a plastic bag ban years ago. Here’s how it works: local residents keep reusable shopping bags in their cars; second homeowners have reusable shopping bags in their homes and make them available to their guests and their vacation renters; businesses of all types take the opportunity to advertise on reusable bags and then give away the reusable bags to hotel guests, customers, clients, etc.  All in all it is a win-win situation for everyone and for the environment.

The proposed plastic bag ban is a small — but important — step toward a more sustainable future.  Shouldn’t we — who are so blessed in this valley — be protecting our local environment and our global planet?

Thank you to the Steamboat Springs Teen Council for leading the way.

Robin Stone

Steamboat Springs

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