Robert Skorkowsky: Need other news |

Robert Skorkowsky: Need other news

I don’t watch TV because the media has a tendency to fill the airtime with dirty laundry — who died and how violent it was.

Something significant in our state, nation or world may be going on, but that takes a back seat to pointless despair about rape, murder and accidents.

I was disappointed that the Steamboat Pilot & Today chose to run a story on the nation page about a 10-year-old girl’s murder by a psycho. What is the reader supposed to do with that information other than feel saddened and disgusted?

I don’t want to know about it. Not because I want to live in ignorance, but because it is not useful information and it might just be what these psychos want.

Please concentrate on informing the readers with information in the local, state, nation and world that is useful or important. If I wanted despair, I would watch TV.

Robert Skorkowsky

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