Robert P. Baker: Recognize origins |

Robert P. Baker: Recognize origins

Now that you are printing letters about religious symbols on the courthouse lawn, let me add a few words.

First, let's be clear that the idea of a decorated tree at solstice does not come from any of the theistic religions but is a pagan tradition that predates all of those religions. As a practicing pagan, I am quite happy that Jews, Christians and even Muslims recognize paganism by putting decorated trees in their houses and on their lawns.

Secondly, given the insistence of each organized religion that theirs is the only true one, if the county were to allow one of them to put something on the courthouse lawn, it would have to allow every other one to do also. That might actually be interesting — Jewish symbolism, Roman Catholic symbolism, every Protestant sect and then Mormons, Buddhists, Hindus, even Muslims.

I think that the pagans in town would insist on a beautiful yet powerful goddess, overlooking the whole mess with a sly smile.


Robert P. Baker

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