Robert Nestora: Vote smart, not emotional |

Robert Nestora: Vote smart, not emotional

I use the expression “do your homework” a lot in life because it makes sense. I feel this election cycle people are voting more against than doing their homework. 

This is shortchanging the candidate or amendment you are voting on. Put your anger aside and do some Googling. Find out the positions of the candidates, who supports them, what have they done before. Promises they make I would not put much faith in, as most promise more than is possible and usually it’s just telling  you what you want to hear. 

The amendments are important. Take some time, go to for statewide information, local Republican or Democratic Party websites and other websites to get more info on amendments and candidates. They explain issues, and you can find out who’s supporting them, which is important to get a better perspective.

Hillary Clinton says civility can only begin when Democrats win back the House or Senate this election. This is voting by what I call emotion not doing your homework. Having spent my life in advertising, I know if a campaign of incivility works this time, there will be twice as much in the 2020 elections.

So, please do your homework, spend as much time as you can, these amendments and candidates are important to our future. If you vote out of emotion because you’re against a party or the President, you will be doing what others want you to do. 

If we let others direct us then we shouldn’t complain about the direction they take us. Magicians use misdirection to confuse you, negative political ads do the same. Be smarter than them by being able to say “I did my homework on what you said; I know the truth.”

Robert Nestora

Steamboat Springs

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