Robert Nestora: I’d be ashamed to be a Democrat |

Robert Nestora: I’d be ashamed to be a Democrat

There are so many legitimate cases of sexual misconduct that will be diminished by the Democrats hijacking the issue of Brent Kavanaugh’s nomination for political purposes.

It happens in Florida when the weatherman predicting the storm of the century becomes a cry wolf and people then ignore a real storm and get hurt.  I can imagine Feinstein, Schumer and Pelosi back in July when they received the accusations on Judge Kavanaugh, saying “let’s hijack this — the #MeToo movement is playing well with the public. 

The Democrats seem to take the position of champions of women, poverty, blacks and Hispanics. Last I checked on Democratic-controlled cities or states, they’re not doing such a great job on the issues they champion. 

On women’s issues now Joe Biden is apologizing for treatment of Anita Hill, and Cory Booker became senator even though admitting to groping a girl in his youth. And lest we not forget the king of philanderers, who the Democrats and women’s groups famously defended, excused and forgave — President Bill Clinton.

If you’re a Democrat and in some convoluted way can justify the behavior of your leaders, you should be ashamed of yourself.  It’s OK to disagree with a judge’s position but that’s why we have elections — not trying to destroy a man for a 36-year-old unproven act. Judge him on his last 36 years.

I am an Independent and have voted both ways and always consider someone who is either a strict Democrat or Republican close-minded.  

Robert Nestora

Steamboat Springs

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