Robert Nestora: Acting like bad children |

Robert Nestora: Acting like bad children

Politics has made people whine like bad children. I hear people, and I keep imagining the following. I apologize in advance to children, because none seem to whine as bad as their parents are whining now.

Child: She won the popular vote.

Parent: She may have taken more shots at goal but wasn't on target, so stop your whining.

Child: He's a racist homophobe.

Parent: Stop listening to your friends in Hollywood. They're not really smart they only play smart people on TV, so stop whining.

Child: People are dying.

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Parent: Can you be more specific or stop your whining?

Child: Look how he treats these children.

Parent: I told you be observant and detail oriented look at the photo's date — it’s 2014.

Child: You don't accept any criticism.

Parent: To be accepted, your criticism must be intelligent, non-biased, balanced and factual.

Child: Everything he does is bad.

Parent: You're watching too much CNN and MSNBC. You need switch channels to get a broader perspective.

So, finally I have a math problem for you: Take the amount of money in your 401k, mutual fund or stocks now and subtract what their value was on election day 2016. Take that amount and knowing that you cannot profit from "Not my President" and donate it to charity. If you decide to keep it, go to your room and write in bold block type 100 times "I am a hypocrite" and stop your whining.

Robert Nestora

Steamboat Springs