Robert Miner: Good vs. evil |

Robert Miner: Good vs. evil

As the new year begins, it is a time to reflect and give thanks.

Today, we are engaged in a global battle for civilization against an enemy who strives for nothing but chaos and the collapse of the civilized world. It is not an enemy of America. It is an enemy of humanity. They kill for the sake of killing without reason or purpose other than to create chaos in the hopes that the civilized world will collapse. They kill without discrimination. They kill their neighbors as easily as their supposed enemies.

This is a global war of the civilized against the uncivilized. It is truly one of good verses evil. The outcome will determine the nature of our global society for generations to come. And the outcome is as important to the fate of civilized humanity as the outcome of the last world war was against the forces of inhumanity.

War can have great and good consequences. The freedom Americans gained from the Revolutionary War, the beginning of the recognition of equal rights for all American citizens from the Civil War and the defeat of the threat to global civilization in World War II are just a few examples of the good consequences of war. If these wars had not been fought, Americans would be subjects of a colonial power or worse. Everything good we have in our lives has been fought for and defended by Americans and others.

Truths are always very simple and obvious and recognized by mindful individuals for what they are. One of the best was stated by Edmund Burke, a British statesman. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Fortunately, today, good men and women are doing something.

We are blessed that our country and others that have leadership understand what it takes to secure the peace, resist tyranny and the will to defend our nation and the civilized world backed by volunteer citizen-soldiers who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice as they have done for more than 200 years. These American Freedom Fighters — our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers in uniform — continue to fight for and secure the peace and freedom in our nation and others.

Bush is doing an outstanding job! Two countries dominated by ruthless murderers are liberated. Thousands and thousands of lives have been saved. Not by turning our backs on terrorists and ignoring them in the name of peace, but by defending freedom and overcoming tyranny to give the opportunity for peace and liberation where it has not been for decades.

Every few decades, it falls upon a generation to defend and secure the freedom and liberties of the civilized world. Our volunteer citizen soldiers today are the greatest generation. They should be at the very top of our gratitude list again this year, as every year. More than just being a part of a generation, they are individuals. Don’t forget them this year or any year. Send them your blessing, support and encouragement in any way possible. They are the ones who will defend our country and bring the opportunity for a civilized and free society in other lands.

Freedom isn’t free. It never has been, and it never will be. There is a price to be paid not just for American freedoms, but also the security and liberty of the civilized world. That price is being paid by good men and women in politics and the military who refuse to do nothing and let evil triumph. Bless the Greatest Generation.

Robert Miner

Steamboat Springs

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