Robert D. Rohde: Thanks, Jack |

Robert D. Rohde: Thanks, Jack

Thanks, Jack

State Sen. Jack Taylor deserves the thanks of Coloradans concerned about pet overpopulation.

In the current session of the Colorado General Assembly, Sen. Taylor successfully has carried Senate Bill 04-207, which ensures the continuation of an income tax check-off for donations to the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund. Now in its third year, the fund has distributed $400,000 in grants to subsidize spay/neuter services and public education programs throughout our state. Last year alone, the grants covered the costs of sterilizing 5,631 dogs and cats through collaborative efforts among veterinarians and animal care agencies.

Controlling pet births is essential to curbing pet overpopulation in Colorado, ultimately ending the need for euthanasia of unwanted dogs and cats.

Robert D. Rohde

Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund, Denver

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