Robert Boyd: Frown on greed in all forms |

Robert Boyd: Frown on greed in all forms

The footsteps on the floor in the level above us began to get louder — louder than usual and more frequent. We soon realized that the new tenants above us had two children and possibly one more on the way. The unit above us mirrors our own unit, with one bathroom and one open room including a kitchenette and no bedroom, just, one, room.

Sad, but true, two adults and two children are living in one room in order to try and make a living and a life for themselves here in Steamboat. I admire their will to survive and yet I do not ever see myself living in a one-room studio apartment with two children. Never. I would never do that. I will stop with a girlfriend and a dog.

The people who do live in these crammed conditions are not always who you think they are. They are not always non-American born. This family is from Texas.

It is now apparent that workers will do whatever it takes to move to Steamboat, live in Steamboat and try to raise a family here. Why?

Just ask any of the last 10 city of Steamboat Springs’ bus drivers who just moved here from every state but Colorado. Good jobs and companies that take care of their employees and want their employees to experience a good life are few and far between. Steamboat’s average driver makes under $20 an hour and yet is individually responsible for the lives of hundreds of people and soon, thousands of people per day in any given week once ski season starts.

Are our bus drivers any less responsible for the lives they are taking care of here in Steamboat then the surgeon down the street?

The story of Steamboat’s housing problems stems from rote politics and greed within its very society. Income inequality is societal greed in its very strongest form. Our city and our country can no longer operate on greed.

Our country was founded on many great virtues and rights for our citizens. One of our greatest beliefs is in order to have a country with continued wealth, growth, a good economy and opportunity, we need to promote love and prosperity rather than greed that will continue to drain society by looking up to individuals and corporations, holding those up who are sitting on obscene amounts of money that does not move but sits.

We need to truly be part of a country that believes in “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” … these are but three examples of the “unalienable rights.” We need to frown upon greed in all its forms.

Regardless of your background, class you grew up in or your current status in society, if you consider yourself an acceptable, responsible and productive member of society, then you should feel an obligation to take care of that society … to contribute to it, not just take from it and increase your bottom line or your company’s bottom line that forces your workers to live in boxes.

Problems within our society are both created and ended on an individual level as well as a group or corporate level, not just on a government level.

Some in our great country can now afford to buy an island and never see another soul who they do not choose to see until the day they die. Why not move there instead if you do not believe in supporting the society in which you live — the society that created you, your company or your personal wealth?

Ryan “Robert” Boyd

Steamboat Springs

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