Robert Boyd: Big business needs to support average worker |

Robert Boyd: Big business needs to support average worker

I live here in Steamboat in a one-room studio apartment rental unit (maybe 300 square feet) with my girlfriend and our 30-pound terrier for $1,350 a month.

I am absolutely appalled after reading that “six-person apartment units at the Ponds will include a bunk bed and a regular bed in each bedroom,” for seasonal workers this coming ski season. Minus modern plumbing and heating, open-air tents and a warmer California climate, this description of living conditions is reminiscent of the 1840’s Gold Rush days. Why don’t you try to cram more people in there?

If the Steamboat Ski Area, the Resort Group and the “leaders (of) the local business community” who need and depend on workers, low-income residents, seasonal workers, or whatever they are calling us these days, are so concerned with the availability of affordable housing, then why don’t they rally together their millions in profits and put back into the waters of the economy from which they have taken so much.

At the end of the day, big business decisions are not what makes a company successful, it’s the hardworking hands and backs of the workers that put in the time and effort who are rarely compensated fully for doing so that make companies millions.

Metaphorically speaking, the wealthy and big businesses throughout modernity have been taking out more water from the pond then they have been putting back in, and it needs to stop now. Otherwise, the pond will dry up.

Big businesses can and do fail. Need we be reminded of this fact? In the words of Samuel Johnson, “People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.”

There is a limit on how little someone can be paid in this country set as the federal minimum wage; however, there is no limit on how much someone can make. There is a minimum but no maximum, and those, the more fortunate ones, who have been taking as much as they want out of the world’s economy or the U.S. economy, have not all been putting their fair share back into society nor have they all been adamant about taking care of the ones who scrub their toilets, wash their cars, fly them around the world, check them into a hotel or tune up their skis.

It’s mostly unspoken but still holds true today; this is why the poor and less fortunate despise the rich. Greed is disgusting and should be frowned upon. Most people, if and when given the chance to improve their lives and earn a bigger paycheck, will gladly take that opportunity.

If all the wealth in the world was stripped from all individuals, and we all started at zero, the same people who attained the greatest wealth before they were stripped of it would not necessarily be the same people who wound up with the most wealth again. This is a lie that the wealthy and big businesses want people to believe.

The truth is, housing can be affordable, and the wealthy and the businesses that do business here are now going to have to pay for it if they want to continue their business, their resort or their luxurious lifestyle that they love so dearly here in Steamboat.

Ryan Boyd

Steamboat Springs

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