Robert B. Stevenson: Shame on Steamboat Today, Sturm |

Robert B. Stevenson: Shame on Steamboat Today, Sturm

Steamboat Pilot & Today

Dear Editor,

I have been confused for some time now at the prominent inclusion, which is repeatedly accorded by Steamboat Today, to Melanie Sturm.

Ms. Sturm’s credentials seem to be that she is a Republican who lives in Aspen. Her series of editorials in which she “reminds readers to think again” seem to evidence a certain lack of objectivity by Steamboat Today. They also seem to lack intellectual rigor.

The installment of July 20 was the last straw and prompts me to write and inquire: Why does Ms. Sturm get 33 column inches in which to ramble on your editorial pages? Why does she repeatedly get such a prominent platform in your newspaper?

On July 20, we learned that Ms. Sturm thinks both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are bad presidential candidates. She reveals she is a Republican delegate to the National Republican Convention and expresses that she is “discouraged” by Trump’s positions and actions. But after she expresses her dismay at Trump and suggests that Republican delegates should be liberated to vote in an open convention — presumably for someone other than Trump — she gets to the following, with no support and no reasoning:

“Most importantly, it’s about defeating Clinton, the most corrupt and deceitful presidential candidate in modern American history …”

That is nothing but a personal attack. No premise, no logic, no support. Shame on Sturm, and shame on Steamboat Today. As for the newspaper, please let your readers know why you give Ms. Sturm repeated and apparently carte blanche access to your editorial pages.

I am a Steamboat Springs Democrat (more or less), who reminds readers to “measure twice and cut once,” so that you do things right the first time, and thus do not need to “think again.”

Robert B. Stevenson

Steamboat Springs

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