Richard Watts: Club 20’s scheme |

Richard Watts: Club 20’s scheme

The April 14 Daily Press article “Club 20 committee proposes health care reform” speaks of Club 20’s “plan to reform the state’s health care system.” But medicine in Colorado is not a state “health care system.” The intention of the Club 20 plan, and of the newly formed 208 Health Care Commission, is not to reform an alleged “system,” but to create one. The system they are striving to create in Colorado is socialized medicine – disguised in euphemisms such as “Mandatory,” “Single-payer,” “State-sponsored,” “Universal,” “Expanded coverage” and “Comprehensive.” But “expansion of health care coverage” is not expansion of medical services. Socialized medicine causes rationing of medical services – foreshadowed by the proposed “reasonable and necessary limitations.” Socialized medicine has proved disastrous elsewhere – Tennessee’s (TennCare) and Canada’s systems are infamous examples.

All such schemes are immoral, trampling the rights of everyone – including the right of doctors, insurers and patients to voluntarily choose the terms on which they do business.

Mike Pramenko said “we already provide health care for everyone via the emergency room.” Which is caused by a new law mandating such treatment. It is government interference that has created the problems we face in health insurance and health care. To create a “system” to “expand” this interference to everyone, will make these (and worse) problems “universal.” The solution is to end such interference as quickly as possible. To do so, the 208 Commission must consider proposals other than a single-payer system.

The Web site is an excellent source of information on the causes of the current condition of health insurance and health care, and on what you can do to promote freedom and individual rights in medicine.

Richard Watts


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