RESULTS: Routt County 4-H Exhibit |

RESULTS: Routt County 4-H Exhibit

For her jacket, Sloan Russell won Overall Clothing Grand Champion and Overall Fashion Revue Grand Champion at the Routt County 4-H Exhibit.
John F. Russell

Clothing category

Artistic clothing

• Upcycle Your Style Intermediate

  1. Alivia Warren, Artistic clothing Grand Champion

• Creative Sewing Intermediate

  1. Tinsley Wilkinson, Artistic clothing Reserve Grand Champion
  2. Wyatt Trout


• Simple Bottom Junior

  1. Samantha Coleman, STEAM 1 Reserve Grand Champion
  2. Cecilia Gregory

• Simple Dress Junior

  1. Maya Fox, STEAM 1 Grand Champion


• Clothing Bottom Intermediate

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      2. Peyton Parker

• Clothing Skirt Intermediate

  1. Hannah Koly, STEAM 2 Reserve Grand Champion

• Clothing Top Intermediate

  1. Olivia Fox, STEAM 2 Grand Champion


• Clothing Intermediate

  1. Taylor Graham, STEAM 3 Reserve Grand Champion

• Clothing Senior

  1. Sloan Russell, STEAM 3 Grand Champion, Overall Clothing Grand Champion
  2. Katelyn Olinger

Clothing Construction

• Unit 8 Junior

  1. Anja Honebein, Clothing Construction Reserve Grand Champion

• Unit 8 Intermediate

  1. Alivia Warren, Clothing Construction Grand Champion
  2. Annabelle Stone

Heritage Arts

• Unit 2 Knitting Intermediate

  1. Olivia Rossi, Heritage Arts Grand Champion, Overall Clothing Reserve Grand Champion

• Misc. Fiber Arts Senior

  1. Cosette McLaughlin

• Unit 2 Knitting Senior

  1. Katelyn Ibarra, Heritage Arts Reserve Grand Champion

• Unit 1 Quilting Senior

  1. Katelyn Ibarra

Food Category (cakes and foods)

Cake Decorating

• Edible Cake Junior

      2. Ava Lilly

• Two Layered Cake Junior

  1. Kietalyn Bongiorno, Cake Decorating Grand Champion, Overall Food Grand Champion

• Character Cakes Intermediate

2. Hannah Koly

• Themed Cupcakes Intermediate

      2. Alivia Warren

• Themed Cupcakes Senior

      2. Lauren Parks

• Fondant Intermediate

      2. Annabelle Stone

Cooking 101

• Cookies Junior

  1. Ashlyn Spivey, Cooking 101 Reserve Grand Champion
  2. Cecilia Gregory

• Baked Bar Cookies Junior

  1. Lauren Van Kirk, Cooking 101 Grand Champion, Overall Food Reserve Grand Champion

• No Bake Cookies Intermediate

      2. Trevor Hagenbuch

• No Bake Cookies Senior

      2. Alexandra Camilletti

Food Preservation

• Boiling Water Canning Intermediate

  1. Quinlann Yeager

• Boiling Water Canning Senior

  1. Cassidy Moore

• Drying Senior

  1. Jessica Diehl, Food Preservation Grand Champion

Assorted Projects Category


• Unit 1 Let’s Learn About Insects Junior

  1. Addison Whaley, Entomology Reserve Grand Champion

• Unit 3 Insect Habits and Controls Intermediate

  1. Larhae Whaley, Entomology Grand Champion, Overall Assorted Projects Reserve Grand Champion

Wildlife Conservation

1 Celestina Kuckkahn, Wildlife Grand Champion

Global Citizenship

  1. Shane Lambert, Global Citizenship Grand Champion


• Level 2 Controlling the Image Senior

      2. Delaney Moon

• Advanced Photography Unit 6 Senior

      2. Hallie Myhre

• Level 3 Mastering Photograph Senior

  1. Ruth Moon, Photography Grand Champion

Horseless Horse

• Horseless Horse Junior

  1. Ryan Becker, Horseless Horse Grand Champion


• See Them Sprout Junior

  1. Celestina Kuckkahn, Gardening Grand Champion


• Beekeeping Junior

  1. Ari Berkley
  2. Trout Alford

• Beekeeping Senior

  1. Emmitt Meyring, Bee Keeping Reserve Grand Champion


• Beekeeping Intermediate

  1. Shane Lambert, Bee Keeping Grand Champion, Overall Assorted Projects Grand Champion


• Welding 1 Intermediate

  1. Wyatt Trout

• Welding 1 Senior

  1. Morgan Graham, Welding Grand Champion

Leather and Woodcraft Category


• Unit 1 Intro to Leathercraft & Stamping Junior

  1. Alyvia Cox
  2. Luke Bedell

• Unit 2 Leather Carving Junior

  1. Addison Whaley
  2. JD Case

• Unit 3 Leather Carving Intermediate

  1. Larhae Whaley, Leathercraft Reserve Grand Champion, Overall Leather and Wood Reserve Grand Champion

• Unit 8 Advanced Creative Stamping Intermediate

  1. Austin Moore

• Unit 4 Leather Carving Senior

  1. Grace Olinger

• Unit 6 Pictorial Carving Senior

  1. Makinley Parker, Leathercraft Grand Champion, Overall Leather and Wood Grand Champion


• Unit 4 Finishing Up Senior

  1. Canden Wilkinson, Woodworking Grand Champion


Team Robotics Junior

  1. Luke Bedell, Alena Rossi, Shea Rossi, Overall Robotics Reserve Grand Champion
  2. Tobin Berkley, Quinn Dressen, Abby Hixson, Kinsley Jacobson, Erick Yeiser

Team Robotics Senior

  1. Faith Hixson, Landry Hixson, Overall Robotics Grand Champion
  2. Christopher Stone, Shane Lambert, Justin Stanko

Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports Junior

• Archery Junior

  1. Kietalyn Bongiorno
  2. Michael McIntosh
  3. Erick Yeiser
  4. Triston Day
  5. Silas Setter

• Air Rifle Junior

     2. Logan Drogosz

• Shotgun Junior

     2. Charlie Wiedel

• .22 Rifle Junior

  1. Jessica Bedell
  2. Jeremy Kline
  3. Jack George

• Archery Stand Alone Junior

  1. Tirzah Herold
  2. Ari Berkley
  3. Grace George

• Shotgun Stand Alone Junior

  1. Kaitlin Struble, Junior Shooting Sports Grand Champion, Overall Shooting Sports Grand Champion
  2. Sean Struble
  3. Sawyer Vietanen, Junior Shooting Sports Reserve Grand Champion

• .22 Rifle Stand Alone Junior

  1. Lloyd Warren
  2. Garcin Morrison
  3. Luke Bedell

Shooting Sports Intermediate

• Archery Intermediate

  1. Andie Koly, Intermediate Shooting Sports Grand Champion, Overall Shooting Sports Reserve Grand Champion
  2. Hannah Koly
  3. Justin Stanko
  4. Tessa Booco
  5. Desierae Ebaugh

• Air Rifle Intermediate

  1. Leah Halder

• Shotgun Intermediate

      2. Kai Lancaster

      3. Darren Halik

• .22 Rifle Intermediate

  1. Bridget Hazlett
  2. Natalie Kindsvater
  3. Kalob More
  4. Sam Schumacher
  5. Jesse Strickland

• Archery Stand Alone Intermediate

  1. Conley Valora

• Shotgun Stand Alone Intermediate

  1. Mavrick Vietanen

• .22 Rifle Stand Alone Intermediate

  1. Teagan Herold, Intermediate Shooting Sports Reserve Grand Champion
  2. Alivia Warren
  3. Tim Bedell
  4. Dorian Hotchkiss
  5. Parker Ashley

Shooting Sports Sen.

• Archery Senior

  1. Rachelle Koly, Senior Shooting Sports Reserve Grand Champion
  2. Taylor Powell
  3. Harrison Ashley
  4. Faith Day
  5. Shelby Archuleta

• Air Rifle Senior

  1. Taylor Kirby, Senior Shooting Sports Grand Champion
  2. Spencer Ashley

• Shotgun Senior

  1. Alex Colby
  2. Jack Colfer
  3. Ezra Graham
  4. Dylan Taggart
  5. Jayden Kemry

• .22 Rifle Senior

  1. Hailey Minnick

• .22 Pistol Senior

  1. Christopher Stone

• Archery Stand Alone Senior

  1. William Yaconiello
  2. Zachary Klouw

• Shotgun Stand Alone Senior

  1. Jed Kirby
  2. Chase Delamater
  3. Tucker Limberg

Veterinary Science

Veterinary Science Junior

• From Airedales to Zebras Junior

  1. Shea Rossi, Junior Vet Science  Grand Champion
  2. Madelyn Wejroch
  3. Lauren Van Kirk
  4. Cavit Gregory
  5. Stella Crofts

Veterinary Science Intermediate

• All Systems Go Intermediate

  1. Natalie Kindsvater, Intermediate Vet Science Grand Champion, Overall Veterinary Sciences Grand Championis
  2. Shane Lambert, Intermediate Vet Science Reserve Grand Champion
  3. Beck Honebein
  4. Josie Meyring
  5. Samuel Fallon

Veterinary Science Senior

• On the Cutting Edge Senior

  1. Amber Elliott, Senior Veterinary Science Sports Grand Champion, Overall Vet Sciences Reserve Grand Champion
  2. Emma Fallon, Senior Veterinary Science Reserve Grand Champion
  3. Grace Olinger
  4. Hailey Minnick
  5. Kaetlyn Freideman

Fashion Revue

Fashion Revue Junior

  1. Samantha Coleman, Fashion Revue Junior  Grand Champion
  2. Anja Honebein
  3. Maya Fox, Fashion Revue Junior Reserve Grand Champion
  4. Cecilia Gregory

Fashion Revue Intermediate

     1. Alivia Warren, Fashion Revue Intermediate Grand Champion, Overall Fashion Revue Reserve Grand Champion
1. Alivia Warren, Fashion Revue Intermediate Reserve Grand Champion
3. Taylor Graham
4. Olivia Fox
5. Annabelle Stone

Fashion Revue Senior

  1. Sloan Russell, Fashion Revue Junior Grand Champion, Overall Fashion Revue Grand Champion
  2. Katelyn Olinger, Fashion Revue Senior Reserve Grand Champion

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