Reiter, Mueller top NorAm |

Reiter, Mueller top NorAm

— Steamboat Springs snowboarders dominated Wednesday, as U.S. men’s snowboarders swept the podium of a NorAm parallel slalom race in U.S. Snowboarding’s “Race to the Cup Series” at Park City Mountain Resort in Utah. Steamboat’s Justin Reiter won the race in extremely snowy conditions and was followed by Steamboat’s Tyler Jewell in second and Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club rider Vic Wild of White Salmon, Wash., in third.

“I feel pretty good. It was a great day out there. Park City Ski Team and the race department up there did a great job dealing with adverse conditions and putting on a good race,” Reiter said. “It was a lot of fun to ride and the racing was good. The action was tight. It was great to see these guys who haven’t qualified for World Cup yet duke it out and there were some knock-down, drag-out rounds out there.”

On the women’s side, Steamboat’s Erica Mueller won with U.S. Snowboarding (and former SSWSC) teammate Michelle Gorgone of Boston in second. Karol Sztokfisz of Poland finished third.

“It was pretty good (to win),” Mueller said. “Actually, just the other day Justin and I were talking about how I haven’t won a race in a couple of years and I said I really needed to do that again. I’d been on the podium but I hadn’t won, so it was pretty cool to come out on top.”

Mueller said she wasn’t thrown off by the storm.

“I knew it was going to be soft but I’m used to that, being from Steamboat. And you just ride the ride and do what you have to do to get to the bottom without falling on your rear,” Mueller said.