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Register, register, register

Small businesses offer hands-on wedding gift service

Gift ideas

According to the Web site, http://weddings.a..., five out-of-the-box wedding gift ideas are:

Money: Although viewed as impersonal or uncreative, money is a recommended wedding gift because most couples are saving for something big - a house, car or furniture.

Expensive item off their registry: Often the more expensive items on a couple's registry are dream gifts they don't think they'll actually get. If you're not wealthy enough to buy the gift on your own, you could organize other guests to chip in.

Luxurious hotel room: This gift starts the marriage off right, the Web site states, before the couple leaves for their honeymoon. The site recommends giving the gift early enough so the couple will be able to include it in their plans.

A gift to remember: A bottle of scotch or wine with instructions to open on the couple's 10th anniversary, a vase, artwork or an expensive piece of antique furniture are several gift ideas that will cause the couple to look back fondly on the gift giver, according to the Web site. Also recommended are a framed wedding invitation, homemade quilts or tablecloths.

Make the honeymoon extra sweet: Upgrading plane tickets to first class, a nice camera for photos or spending money tucked into the pages of an area guidebook.

Nadine Daszkiewicz, owner of the Kitchen Shop in Craig, has three bits of advice for couples about to be married – register, register, register.

“There’s a good chance people only know one of the bridal couple,” Daszkiewicz said. “A lot of times, people won’t know what to get. Just because I knew what you liked when you were 15 doesn’t mean I’ll know what you like now, when you’re 25, or just as importantly, what your wife is going to like.

“That’s why it’s always a very, very good idea to register (for gifts). Some couples just don’t realize that.”

There is no shortage of businesses for couples to register with in Craig and Steamboat Springs. But, unlike big-box retail stores such as Kmart and Wal-Mart, many small businesses put a personal touch on couples’ registries.

At the Kitchen Shop, 577 Yampa Ave. in Craig, Daszkiewicz said four or five couples register each month. She said she walks each couple through the store’s selection and tailors their household wants and needs to their registry.

Gift items vary depending on the couple’s age, she said.

“I just walk around the store and say ‘Do you like this? Do you want this and in what color?'” Daszkiewicz said. “At bigger stores, they just have you zap it on the scanner. I like to work with people a little more closely than that.”

Will Bashan, owner of Steamboat Art Co., 903 Lincoln Ave., said his store offers the same type of hands-on registry service.

“That’s exactly what we do,” Bashan said. “Someone comes in, usually it’s the woman. We rarely see the men. We’ll go around the store and have them pick out items. They’ll guide us, and we’ll help them find what they want.”

Bashan said registry at his store has evolved into a seasonal activity, which peaks in the summer.

Kmart in Craig does not have a wedding registry, but Wal-Mart in Steamboat Springs offers the service.

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