Rebecca Macfarlane Wendt: Truly special |

Rebecca Macfarlane Wendt: Truly special

— Dear Steamboat, friends and neighbors,

I always knew I would come home.

Although it was because my parents needed me – my mother, Lois Mae Macfarlane, passed away Sept. 30 – and it was not the circumstances I would have chosen, the community welcomed me back.

A community filled with the most caring and loving people that ever existed. A community that watched over my parents when I lived away. A community that has stood by and supported me for the past seven months so that I could care for my mother and father. A community that has made me believe in angels.

These angels did not appear in white robes and sandals, but in soft-soled sneakers, cowboy boots, jeans and Carhartts. They did not come with wings unfurled, but with arms wide open.

They are the dedicated professionals and volunteers of the Rollingstone Respite House. They quietly and respectfully embraced my mother to ensure she was comfortable, free of pain and treated with dignity. They embraced my father, husband and myself and guided us with compassion. They laughed at our stories and let us cry on their shoulders. I now believe in angels.

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So, thank you all. You are truly the spirit that makes Steamboat that very special place we call home.

Rebecca Macfarlane Wendt