Rebecca Huyser: Kids will be kids, parents should be parents |

Rebecca Huyser: Kids will be kids, parents should be parents

I was somewhat surprised that there are parents condoning underage drinking. I wonder, if we were to enact laws that required the custodial parent(s) of minors who are issued minor in possesion citations to perform community service with their child, attend alcohol classes with their child and be subject to the same penalties and fines their child faces, would we see remedial parents starting to take their parenting more seriously?

Kids will be kids, but for God’s sake, parents need to start being parents.

We also need to teach our children that the police are the good guys. Theirs is a difficult job at best. They are sworn to serve and protect and, at times, that means protecting us from ourselves, certainly from the poor judgment of others. We should let our children know that if they do nothing wrong, they have nothing to fear.

A police officer’s job is to protect the community. If you drink irresponsibly or drink and drive, you not only create a personal hazard but a hazard to the community at large. Let’s give the police the respect they deserve and teach our children the same. Law enforcement isn’t to be feared but revered.

Rebecca Huyser
Steamboat Springs