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Readers Sound Off


My son and I are here in Steamboat this week for the junior national team snowboarding training camp. I saw a commercial on TV with Billy Kidd, Buddy Werner, Caroline Lalive, Todd Lodwick and Nelson Carmichael and other Olympic athletes representing Steamboat. And I was very disappointed not to see Shannon Dunn, who medaled in the last Olympics and qualified for the women’s halfpipe this year in Salt Lake. And I was just wondering if Ski Town USA is just that and does not include snowboarders.


It’s kind of funny that you guys run an ad called a McDoozy and then you forget to put the ads in that we are looking for every week. I think that’s a big McGoofy.


I’m tired of people leaving the advertising supplements to the Steamboat Today in the newspaper dispenser boxes.


I’m a little confused on your newspaper coverage. In the last two years there have been big articles every time a gravel pit in the county has gone before the planning board and then the very next day there has been an article about what the planning board said. And there has been absolutely nothing in the paper about the planning board meeting with Ed MacArthur and the Yampa Meadows project. And I’m a little confused about that.

E-LIESI’m sick of getting e-mails that masquerade as “news” but are distortions of the truth or outright lies. For example, I just got one that claims that as far back as the Iran-Contra hearings, Ollie North was warning people that Osama bin Laden was dangerous and evil and that Al Gore skeptically derided him. Horse biscuits. Al Gore wasn’t on the hearing panel and bin Laden wasn’t even on the CIA’s radar screen until Desert Storm. But how many people believe this nonsense? I’ve noticed most of these e-tales have an overtly conservative political bent and try to make the left look foolishly out of touch. Sure Osama deserves to be shot in the head, but why use that sentiment in such misguided fashion? It all adds up to an ignorant and easily duped American populace. So do me a favor. Don’t forward me your right-wing propaganda masking as undiscovered truth. I think if it was true, I’d have read it in the paper, not in the backwaters of cyberspace.


A less fickle source of income is needed for our town than tourism and the sales tax it generates. That, in my opinion, is an in-city property tax. This would tap the component of absentee ownership whose owners spend little time and money here. Sales-tax rates should be reduced as far as possible to lessen the impact on regular homeowners and to make passage of a property tax more palatable. The goal should be to reach a sustainable community with a very slow growth rate and with no more than a third of our economy dependent on tourism and that mostly from the winter period.

SLEDDERS’ FAULTI think the cartoon in Sunday’s newspaper was wrong. Ski Corp. was letting people sled at the Meadows but people wouldn’t follow the rules. It’s their fault we can’t sled there anymore.

NERVOUS ABOUT WASHINGTONYou would think the Bush administration could come up with a better distraction from the Enron fiasco than the president choking on a pretzel. It makes me nervous about who’s running things in Washington.

AUDITING THE AUDITORSAm I crazy, or did the Steamboat Pilot & Today advise us to exercise our patriotism by buying stock in the wake of 9-11? It was a nice sentiment, but the Enron debacle turned some “patriots” into paupers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for capitalism, but how can I ever trust a quarterly earnings report again? Who’s auditing the auditors? Just another example of what unbridled corporate greed will get you. If you really want to be a patriot buy “American” and support an American’s job.

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