Readers Sound Off for 12-3 |

Readers Sound Off for 12-3

No fees for Buff Pass

If you let them charge a day-use fee for Buffalo Pass it will only get worse. Why do we pay taxes if the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, State Trust, etc., are going to come along and charge us to use the land that “we the people” already own? It’s your birthright to be “free” to pursue happiness – it’s paid for with American lives and taxes. While their arguments may seem to make sense, the fees won’t stop there (the salesman’s foot is in the door). Don’t let self-serving politicians charge you for what’s already yours.

Kudos to Hospice

Thank you Janice Poirot, RN, for sharing your beautifully moving story (“Mother’s last days,” Nov. 27 Steamboat Today) of your mother’s Hospice experience. I hope others will understand more fully that end-of-life care and Hospice can be a dignified and sacred transition. When will we recognize the need for a Hospice house in our valley?

Don’t fault MacHale

I’m calling regarding the personal ad you recently ran for someone about Strawberry Park Elementary School Principal Mark MacHale. In this day and age, where we see every day on TV someone being killed by a hit-and-run driver, I find it puzzling why anyone would write an anonymous personal ad condemning MacHale for following a person who was fleeing the scene of an accident. I’m not saying that what Mark did wasn’t a mistake, but he did what he had to do to hold this lawbreaker accountable for his actions. It could have been someone’s kid he hit and killed and ran away from the scene, so I don’t think what Mark did was such a bad thing.

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Re-think library plans

The library’s plans for expansion are too massive, and maybe a reconsideration of the plans should be in order. I think they should keep the green space and the beautiful trees that are between the library and the community center but should expand both buildings.

Support local merchants

Regarding the letter to the editor about Sports Authority and its false ads: I’ve lived here for over 30 years and the only big box or out-of-town stores I will shop at are City Market and Safeway, and that’s only out of necessity. Otherwise, I don’t intend to nor will I shop at any of those stores. I believe in supporting our local merchants; that’s what I’ve done and that’s what I’ll continue to do.

Bait-and-switch tactics

I agree with Jessica Halverson’s letter to the editor about Sports Authority. I, too, went to Sports Authority to purchase several items with my 25 percent-off coupon. When I got to the cash register, none of the items I had were on sale, and they wouldn’t give me the 25 percent off. I said this is an obvious bait and switch and they shouldn’t be ripping off the locals. I won’t shop there again, and I hope people will boycott the unscrupulous practices of this big box store.