Readers Sound Off |

Readers Sound Off

Sorry, school district

No, I will absolutely not vote for more taxes for the school. They have more money than necessary right now.

Absolutely not. I would not vote for $29.7 million bond issue for the schools. The schools are more than adequate.

‘Yes’ to bond issue

Yes, I would approve the school district’s $29.7 million bond issue. I’m a senior citizen, and I have no children or grandchildren in this district, but I think it’s important that all of the citizens support the school districts and the education of our children.

I will vote to approve the school district’s $29.7 million bond issue.

Flowers were beautiful

I would like to compliment whoever provided and/or maintained the beautiful flower baskets on the downtown lampposts this year. The barrels are also outstanding, and the flowers outside the post office are spectacular. Thanks to all of you.

Coulter again

The media coverage of the fifth year anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks showed children, fathers, mothers, grandparents, friends, husbands and wives grieving for the lost of their loved ones. Five years later and the images and feelings are still very raw, even for many of us who didn’t lose a loved one.

Ann Coulter’s “Godless” statement: “I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths” as much as the widows of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, seems pretty cruel and heartless now. Are all these grieving families and most Americans enjoying the deaths as well? I think not.

Thanks, DA’s Office

I would like to applaud Kerry St. James and the District Attorney’s Office for their efforts to uphold the law. Theft is still theft. I don’t car whether you’re Dumpster diving for food or whatever. If you want the food out of the Dumpster, ask for it. I am sorely saddened by the fact that the people of Steamboat Springs don’t understand that stealing is still stealing. And quite frankly, perhaps they should cut off their fingers.

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