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Ratings of Soroco schools received

Soroco School District received its first ever report card Thursday and not all its schools made the honor roll.

Soroco elementary and middle schools received accountability ratings of high but the high school was graded as low.

The ratings were part of Colorado’s School Accountability Reports, a statewide program that compares schools based on third- to tenth-grade CSAP scores and ACTs scores of juniors taken last year. With those scores averaged by school, each school was given a rating of “excellent,” “high,” “average,” “low” or “unsatisfactory.”

Soroco Superintendent Steve Jones said because of last year’s CSAP scores released this summer, he was not surprised by the high school’s low rating.

But he said he was shocked by the CSAP score of the the 10th graders, which he said were much lower than the rest of the high school.

“We will not stay low, this is just a place for us to start. It is a message for us as a school system,” he said.

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Because this is the first year of accountability ratings, the schools were rated on a curve. Next year, schools will be rated using the percentile cutoffs of this year as the benchmarks.

Thursday’s ratings will be part of a report card sent out to all parents of the school sometime next week.

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